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Don't worry, I still do stuff!

2017-03-04 17:40:19 by Steadd

I'm rarely active on this website and that might change one day but for the time being I mainly upload to Soundcloud. Most of the content is video game music arrangements but it's my way of showing what kinds of sounds I can create for you if anyone were to request any original pieces.

Link -

The music will never stop! 

Growing all the time!

2013-05-24 11:02:04 by Steadd

All my uploaded tracks have pretty much hit 100 listens each with shenanigans being my most popular with over 200 listens and a rather nice number of downloads! I may go back and replace some older pieces like "A Great Journey Ahead" to give it more life but I have other pieces in mind for the time being! :) It's great that people are listening and giving me 3 stars and up with their ratings! I feel I am improving and can only get better! :D

Inactive but still working!

2013-05-08 15:23:57 by Steadd

I know I haven't uploaded anything great in a while but I still have ideas and recordings in the works! I will actually get my ass in gear and complete them soon as well as remastering some of the older pieces and make them sound better than before!

Soundtrack Project!!

2013-03-19 13:22:44 by Steadd

I have finally made time for my 'Soundtrack Project' and will be writing/composing pieces of music that I would love for people to use in their animations or games! I seem to have a particular taste for RPG game music so expect the likes of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts etc!. I got some tracks up now with more in the works!

If you want any sort of music in particular made then give me a messege and I'll see what I can work out for ya!

Time to find an audience!

2013-02-12 10:06:47 by Steadd

I have recently overcome my fear of recording vocals and finally started outputting some of my music content for people to hear!! I have gotten good feedback on my first song and also some helpful criticism to help me ammend it as it is a demo track afterall.

Why not give a listen?

Also maybe like my facebook page? - /285232828272561